The Covenant

We, the congregations of:

Cannon Lane Methodist Church
Love Lane Methodist Church
Pinner United Free Church
St Andrew’s United Reformed Church
St John the Baptist Church of England
St Luke’s Roman Catholic Church

affirm our common belief in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, proclaimed in Holy Scripture, and expressed in the Creeds and Confessions of the Church.

We thank God for our one baptism into the Body of Christ. We are grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit through the insights and gifts of the traditions represented in our churches and we accept one another in Christ as he in his mercy accepts us.

We celebrate the richness and diversity of our various traditions, though we regret that which still divides us. We believe that, over the years of deepening fellowship within the Pinner Association of Churches, our calling continues towards ever closer expressions of the unity proclaimed in the Scriptures, in the service of God’s kingdom.

Therefore we declare our readiness to commit ourselves more closely to each other under God, through the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to become the one church of Christ united in faith, communion, care and mission, such unity being the gift of God. We are thankful that this gift continues to grow among us.

Nothing in this Covenant in any way weakens our ties or responsibilities to our individual denominations but we continue to seek not to do separately those things that can better be done together.

(Signed at the Covenant Renewal Service, June 8th 2003.)

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