The History of the PAC

The Pinner Association of Churches (PAC) arose from the national "People Next Door" Campaign of 1967-68. An inaugural meeting between the then five churches was held on 30th May 1969 under the chairmanship of Rev David Ritchie (St John's). Also present were Rev Joe Hislop (St Andrew's), Rev Dr Bernard Holland (Love Lane), Rev. Roger Newman (United Free) and Rev Wilfred Trotman (St Luke's). Cannon Lane joined the P.A.C. in 1982.

That inaugural meeting led to a vision which saw the drawing of six local churches in the Pinner area together in common witness, worship and service. The six churches, St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Cannon Lane and Love Lane Methodist Churches, Pinner United Free church, St John the Baptist Church of England and St Luke's Roman Catholic church built a number of informal links.

In 1992, the links were formalised and recognised in the signing of a covenant. In that covenant, signed at a great service at St Luke's Roman Catholic Church, we affirmed our common faith and thanked God for all that we had done together so far. We declared our intention to commit ourselves more deeply to each other under God in future.

We reviewed our covenant in 1997 and affirmed our continued intention to work together to serve the community of Pinner and God's wider world through worship, service and witness.

Today that work continue...

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